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I’ve talked about this a lot on twitter but not anywhere else and I really need to say it. I’m writing this late at night so it will probably be rambly. This is a long post, I’m sorry, but it’s honestly been a lot of shit.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet and not updating much other than finished commissions, and I greatly apologize for so many late replies and replies I still need to get to. I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just felt overwhelmed. 

Here I’ll be listing personal issues that have been mounting stress on my family and I for a few months now.  

My mother lost her job a few months ago, out of the blue and for no real reason. No real warnings, and no weeks notice, just, fired. Because oh so wonderful Florida is an At-Will state so they can fire without telling us a reason and at any time. My mother worked this job for 8 years, was good at it, was hoping for a promotion soon, and now it’s gone along with all benefits.

Everyone in my family suffers from mental illness including depression, anxiety and ptsd.  My mother also has a Thyroid issue that’s pretty bad.  She finally was able to seek treatment due to the job she had with it’s insurance. This has greatly helped her life, she’s felt so much better, and talking to someone about her issues was so important.  

Now we have run out of insurance, just my medication (two of the three i need) costs just under $200.  Our unemployment money is about to run out and even though my mother literally broke down crying from a panic attack in front of a doctor testing her for possible disability, we still didn’t get it.  Yeah we can reapply, but just getting this fiasco done so they could say no took like three months. We don’t have that kind of time now.  She’s not getting refills approved for some meds either, so she’s forced to borrow some of my depression medication

She’s currently trying to find a job, but the place she worked for before that said they had openings she could look into in other sectors of the job either wont call her back or seem to not believe her credentials. I told her she can borrow my money, but she doesn’t seem too into the idea, and even then, I don’t know how long that’d last. 
Why did she get fired you might wonder? Oh because another employee above her just didn’t like her. Of course they can try to come up with a different excuse, but we know. Because my mother was good at her job, very very good in fact. She climbed the ladder to a high position because she was good at helping the business. But Florida!  Florida means we can’t do jack about that!

On top of all this mess, my grandma is going in for surgery on the 26th for a double mastectomy. We recently found out she has very early stages of breast cancer and she opted to not have radiation and is instead getting both breasts removed.  Of course she’s scared, and we’re all worried.  She’s recently already had two surgeries, one was very major, so we’re all pretty stressed about this next one.  

Then there’s “little” things that have been happening.  Like our neighbor berating us about the dumbest things. Going so far as to yell at my grandma when she was working on painting the side of the house.  About our travel trailer being parked in a discreet area of our yard. (since before all this shit, we had plans to travel in it. Not like that will happen any time soon now.) 
Which they call the trailer an “eyesore” even though this is not a gated community or anything, they still called the cops on us about it, and then code enforcement. Which guess what! There was no problem. None!  But oh what fun is it hearing the cops and code enforcement knocking.  
Which this isn’t the first time either! Months ago they called the ASPCA on us because our dogs were -gasp- barking. And we in fact take great care in getting them inside when they start barking outside. And of course, again, there was nothing wrong and the ASPCA left. 

Overall I’m stressed in a way that’s hard to explain. I’m trying to keep calm, to do work, but I know it’s seeping into things and making it hard to do anything or really communicate.  

Writing this is honestly kinda hard because I really have to sit down and think about all of the awful possibilities if my mom doesn’t manage to land another job.  I have money to give her, but I don’t know how long it will last before it’s depleted due to the medication and housing expenses. My grandma works, but after this surgery she’s not going to be for awhile.  
Places here just. Don’t hire much, and the only job I know I can go back to easily is one i truly hate and was the worst time of  my life. Then there’s also the problem of caring, my mother and I both can’t really have a job we can’t control the hours with because my grandma will need to be watched over. She honestly can not be left alone after major surgery.

I want to hope for the best, but I can’t help but expect the worst.  Things were finally looking up for my family after so many years, we were finally getting help after so much horrible shit, and now everything’s just been turned upside down and shaken. 

I truly might have to look into a donation site at some point which I really am not looking forward to, but if someone knows of a good one, please do give me some names of a few.   


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Hello there. I'm new to digital media art. And I love your art. Can I draw your art? For practice. All credit for characters will be given to you of course. I'm no art thief.
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Really cool gallery. What I love most of your art is the skin textures, and other hard parts. They really convey volume, and different types materials.
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